Plans - Race Wheel - Style W4- 305mm

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This is NOT a licensed wheel design, it's our interpretation of an authentic racing wheel.

We Supply

  • Full scale PDF file for each part
  • CNC file for each carbon fiber plate in DWG & DXF file format
  • STL files the enclosure & grips
  • PDF file for the graphics
  • Full scale production drawings showing elevations
  • 3D CAD renderings
  • Photographs showing assembly


When purchased a download link will be sent within 24 hours. Note this is a manual process so don't worry when it's not received immediately.

    You supply

    • 5mm Carbon fiber Front Plate
    • 3mm Carbon fiber Rear Plate
    • 16 NKK Momentary Buttons
    • 6 off, M3 * 25mm aluminum stand offs
    • 6 off, 10mm * 25mm aluminum sleeves
    • 1 off, 12mm aviation socket
    • USB Circuit
    • ProRace display or Leo Bodnar SLI 
    • 1 off, coiled cable or blue tooth
    • 7 off, rotary encoders
    • 1 off,  paddle shifter set
    • 3D print enclosure
    • 3D print handle grips
    • 3d print button guards