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Please contact us as if you have any questions. Custom changes are always welcome for an additional charge. 

The online store currently only ships to Canada and the US but we can definitely get you a shipping quote for International orders.

About Us

Open Sim Racing was started by Steve in 2015, Nick & Mark joined in 2016, We originally met on ISRTV & iRacing forums building our own sim rigs & wheels.

We are passionate sim racers who enjoy designing Sim Rigs, parts and helping other Sim Racers with their dreams.

Nick & I are located in Canada, Mark in California, Steve & Mark are both British and came over the pond for our careers.

We have access to high precision laser cutting, water jet, CNC machining and 3D printing, so it's easy for us to design custom parts and produce them at a cost effective rate. 

Stephen Spenceley

As a passionate sim racer, car guy and designer, I take pride in developing custom hardware for other sim enthusiasts.

It’s been my pleasure working in the automotive styling industry for most of my 20+ year career. My goal is to apply my design & fabrication strengths to create quality custom hardware for the Thrustmaster, Logitec, Accuforce, OSW, HPP Pedals, DSD Pedals, Ricmotech Pedals.

My service includes a custom 3D CAD design for custom sim rigs, wheel plates, paddles and F1 rim to suit your unique requirements. I frequently post on ISRTV forum, love iRacing, Project Cars & Dirt Rally. Also enjoyed Assetto Corsa, Richard Burns rally & codemaster products.

Nick Moxley

R/C Racer turned Sim Racer, It didn't take long before i found Steve and his Creative design ideas for the Sim racing world.

As OSR's 3D Printer I take pleasure in providing something that just wasn't possible before with other Printing hubs. I'm also providing the wiring/wheel assembly and am available for any questions on my main forums, Xsimulator, AssettoCorsa, RaceDept or GTPlanet.

As a Die Hard Diy, I quickly found Diy Motion which lead to a few side jobs doing some Development/Testing for some Mod/dev teams. Im Slowly learning Fusion 360 but expect it will take more than a few modeling session's to match the Master Steve.

Mark Crooks

Sim racer, creative modder, popular contributor to the ISRTV and iRacing forums for over four years, Mark was one of Steve's very first customers and worked closely with him on a number of his early steering wheel projects.

Mark is a firm believer that everyone should give DIY a try no matter how small the project might be,  because sometimes the rewards you get from it can be greater than racing itself.

Now that Mark has built enough steering wheels for his own personal collection his services are available at Open Sim Racing to provide fully assembled ready to race wheels for customers who aren’t quite ready to take that DIY plunge!