Plans - Race Wheel - Style Indy Cosworth 280mm

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This is NOT a licensed wheel design, it's our interpretation of an authentic Indy racing wheel. This is a 50mm bolt pattern to match the original bolts pattern used.

We Supply

  • Full scale PDF file for each part
  • CNC file for each carbon fiber plate in DWG & DXF file format
  • STL files the enclosure & grips
  • PDF file for the graphics
  • Full scale production drawings showing elevations
  • 3D CAD renderings
  • Photographs showing assembly


    When purchased a download link will be sent within 24 hours. Note this is a manual process so don't worry when it's not received immediately.

    You supply

    • 1 off, USBD480-WQ43-Display (VoCore 4.3" design on request)
    • 5mm Carbon fiber
    • 3mm Carbon fiber
    • 2mm clear acrylic
    • 10 off, 12mm momentary buttons
    • 6 off, M3 * 25mm aluminum stand offs
    • 3 off, 10mm * 25mm aluminum sleeves
    • 1 off, 12mm aviation socket
    • 1 off, coiled cable or blue tooth
    • 6 off, rotary encoders
    • 13 off, LED units 
    • 1 off,  paddle shifter set
    • 1 off, clutch shifter set
    3D Printer
    • Build Volume 232mm*162mm allows enclosure to be printed as a single piece

    • Build volume 180mm wide, the enclosure will be printed in 3 parts


    When you purchase my plans & production files you are licensed to produce 1 wheel for personal use, you are not allowed to produce with for 3rd parties, family or friends. You agree to not sell, give away or supply the OSR files to others.