Plans/CNC - Minimalist OSW-SimuCube-15 Series & 40 Series Extrusion

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Our Plan Goals

This rig is ideal for anyone who wants a very flexible rig, allowing you to find the ideal racing position. Designed for Simucube OR OSW wheel, the plans price includes the CNC files for you can get the wheel mounting plates, cross brace & uprights. Most towns/cities have at least one water jet cutting service, so it's simple to have the custom parts cut locally.


  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat back/fourth adjustment
  • Pedal height adjustment
  • Pedal angle adjustment
  • Pedal back/fourth adjustment
  • Wheel height adjustment
  • Wheel depth adjustment
  • Wheel angle adjustment

Monitor support

It's simple to adapt the design to include tripple monitors, I can provide tripple monitor plans on request. The reason this version does not include monitors is tactile feedback devices like buttkickers require a separate monitor stand because the vibration reduces the life of a monitor.

STEP 1 - Ordering

OSR will send you the digital plans normally within 24 hours. The digital plans are released using google drive, this process is 100% manual, so a little patience is sometimes required :-). It helps the process if you have a gmail account, but this is not essential.

OSR will send you the digital version of the plans and a shopping list to complete the project. Shopping list items include:

  • 40 or 15 Series Aluminum Extrusion 
  • Bolts, T-Nuts
  • 4 Hole and 2 Hole Inside Corner Brackets
  • Standard flat joining plates

Save money ordering aluminum extrusion

Aluminum T-slot extrusion is sold around the world, if you don't mind waiting you can save money ordering you standard 40 series bolts, t-nuts, L brackets, and flat plates from China. It typically cost too much to have the long lengths of extrusion shipped from China.

Metric 8mm bolts & 40 series t-nuts work with imperial 15 series, China does not typically sell imperial 15 series parts.

OSR recommends affiliate program they offer an excellent service, they ship world wide and you can use this link to save over 35% compared to other suppliers.

Optional Custom Parts On Request

  • Adjustable feet plate
  • Shifter mounting plate CNC files

t-nuts Price Guide

  • Total for 15 series Extrusion $404USD
  • Total for 15 series hardware $197USD
  • t-nutz Project Total $601USD
Wheel mount OSW Small-Mige or Simucube
  • OSR provides the wheel mount CNC files
  • You source local water jet or laser cutting service. The typical approx price of the custom plates in 10mm aluminium is $250CDN

Once all the OSR Plans, Custom Hardware and Shopping List parts have arrived you are ready for assembly. Follow the OSR Plans. 

Depending on how you ordered the Aluminum Extrusion there might be some additional cutting to do if you ordered full lengths. 

The rest of the assembly process is very straight forward, just follow the plans!

STEP 3 - Mounting

Mount chosen Monitors, Seat, and Hardware (not provided). Note can we supply wheel mounting plates if for all sim wheels upon request.

Legal Stuff...

The plans are copyrighted and licensed for personal use only. The completed or partially completed sim rigs chassis is not permitted to be sold, resold, distributed, mass produced or used in any commercial fashion. The plans may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner.