Plans/CNC - Style Porsche 991.2 GT3 R

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DIY Race button plate

This is a replica of a Porsche 991.2 GT3 Type R button plate.

A number of customers have asked for our 3D files, so they can use local companies to create button plates as DIY projects. In most countries it simple to source 3D printing & water jet cutting services. It's then simple to have the base components produced professionally or OSR can provide any components you wish.

We Supply

  • Front plate PDF & CNC file in DXF & DWG file format
    • Recommend cutting from 3mm Carbon Fiber
  • Rear button plate
    • Recommend cutting from 3mm Carbon Fiber
    • Enclosure STL file
    • Circuit mount STL file
    • Rotary encoder STL & graphic files

    You supply Hardware

    • 4 off, M3 * 25mm Hex stand offs
    • 1 off M12 aviation connector
    • 2 off,  CTS Encoders 
    • 12 off,  12mm monetary buttons
    • 2 off,  CTS rotary knobs
    • 8 off, 12mm M3 socket cap or button cap bolts
    • USB circuit
    • 6 off, 10mm aluminum sleeves

      You machine

      • Front plate in 3mm carbon fiber
      • Rear plate in 3mm carbon fiber
      • 3D print enclosure
      • 3D print circuit mounting plate