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Who We Are

Open Sim Racing is designed to gather a group of talented designers to bring new products to the market. By gathering the most innovative designers we can ensure products are unique, high quality and fit the personal needs of all sim racers. 

Most products we provide are in the form of a DIY kit. In exchange for some DIY we are able to provide very competitive prices for a very high quality product. This especially appeals to individuals who like the satisfaction of building their own products, learn about the manufacturing process and modify our products to fit their own personal needs. 

All DIY kits are designed to be very self explanatory. At times you may need to purchase materials outside the OSR store but we have simplified this process by offering a shopping list that you simply hand to a sales clerk at a local distributor. This seemingly small task saves you an extensive amount of money because we don't need to store and ship common items, saves us from double handling heavy materials and allows us to focus on innovating new ideas.