Plans - Inverted pedal box - Wood

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Most conventional cars use pedals which are pivoted from above, sadly most sim pedals are pivoted from below, which often feels unnatural.

These plates allows you to build an inverted box to mount your pedals, the pedal box supports height & angle adjustment.

Supported Pedal Plates

  • Fanatec
  • HE Sprint, Pro & Ultimate
  • Logitec
  • HPP


  • 4" height
  • 30 degree's

What we provide

  • Digital PDF Plans
  • Full scale drawing for the custom plates
  • Cutting detail for the wood
  • Optional, CNC files. This allows you to use a local cutting service to CNC cut the plates, saving you money.
You provide
  • Race pedals
  • 3/4" (19mm) MDF or Plywood
  • 3/8" (9mm) MDF or Plywood
  • 1.5" (40mm) * 1.5" (40mm) construction lumber