OSR Fanatec Magnetic Shifter Blocks - Ready to Install

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This is a very simple technique to transform the shifter paddle action on any Fanatec wheel.

Fanatec wheels are awesome value for money, but the shifter action is weak. By using two are-earth magnets you can improve the shifter action, by adding a 1" action you get a very positive pull.

    What is included

      • Two mounting blocks
      • Two 1/2" magnets for top mounting blocks
      • Four 3mm mounting bolts
      • Product specific
        • Two 1" magnets for Universal/BMW/Porsche
        • OR
        • Two 1/2" magnets & mount for the F1 


    The installation is very simple, easily completed in a few minutes.

    Using metric hex key, insert the bolts into the mount block and screw into the standard  two holes on the Fanatec shifter mechanism and then snap the magnet below.

    You may need to adjust the standard Fanatec paddle mounting bracket screws to ensure there is no gap between the arm & the magnet.