Tapping 8020

So we've had a few customers who are a little bit intimated by the tapping process of the Super Sport Evolution. I assure you that tapping is really easy and a skill you can feel proud of once you've got the hang of it. 

Tapping aluminium is a very simple process, and is one of the first tasks and engineering apprentice will learn.

It's best to buy a set of 3 taps, because the cost difference between one VS three is similar when purchased as a set. They are available typically at all engineering stores, eBay, lowes hardware and Home Depot...

Taps are known as 1st (taper) tap, 2nd tap (plug) & bottom tap. The first tap has a tapered end to make starting the thread easier, 2nd is less tapered, and bottom has no taper and used to create clean threads the full length of the hole. Good quality taps are about $20 US & a tapping bar about $12. 

You need a little grease or WD40  or tapping oil. 

Place 1st tap (taper) into the tapping bar. 

Secure the extrusion upright about waist height in vice.

Add a little grease on the end of the cutting threads and place into the hole in the end of the extrusion. Try to keep the tap vertical and turn clock wise slowly...

After about 1 1/2 turns it will get a little tight. 

Turn anti-clockwise about 1/2 a turn to clear cuttings. 

Now turn again about 1 1/2 turns.

Repeat clockwise and anti-clockwise action until you have threaded the length of the tap. Repeat again with the 2nd & bottom tap. It takes about 3 minutes per hole.

Here is a good video but it doesn't go over 2nd and bottom tapping but is a good reference video just to get comfortable: 

This is a very easy job in aluminium.

8020.net will do this service for you, the charge about $4 per hole.