Style Porsche 991.2 GT3 R

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Ready to race button plate

This is a replica of a Porsche 991.1 GT3 Type R button plate made from highest quality materials.  3mm Carbon Fiber, 12mm Style 3 buttons, CTS Rotary encoders & heavy duty coiled USB cable with 12mm aviation connector.

When ordering please make a note which steering wheel you plan to use because we offer multiple versions.

We Supply

  • Front front plate
    • 3mm Glossy Carbon Fiber
  • Rear button plate
    • 3mm Glossy Carbon Fiber
    • Enclosure
      • Black Textured Carbon Composite
    • USB Circuit
    • Custom Rotary Knobs & Dials (optional Colors)
    • Evo 5 Shifters
    • Porsche 3mm Carbon Fiber Paddles
    • Heavy duty coiled USB
    • Hardware

      You Supply

      • Quick Release 
      • Wheel rim

      Optional Extras

      • 2 x Rim Touch Buttons 
      • OSR Funky Switch 
      • Evo 4 Upgrade
      • Engraved Text * email for details and cost
      • Billet Enclosure  * email for details and cost

      Delivery Note

      There is a 4-6 week lead time because each build is edited for CTS encoders, POV/hat switch, Or Optional Extras


          Prices shown in CDN Dollars