Style 27 - Suitable for Momo Mod 27 or Spotline 300mm

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Ready to race button button plate

This button plate comes with the high quality Pro-Race 2 display, NKK buttons and 4 rotary encoders. Two of the rotary encoders are horizontal for finger tip control.

We Supply

  • Front plate
    • 3mm Glossy Carbon Fibre
  • Enclosure
    • Carbon fibre composite
    • Paddle mounting hole pattern EVO 1
  • Paddles
    • OSR - EVO 5 magnetic with 3mm Carbon Fibre Paddles
  • Buttons/Encoders
    • OSR - NKK MB2011
    • CTS Rotary Encoders
    • Rotary Encoder knobs
  • Display
    • SymProjects Pro-Race 2
  • Heavy duty coiled USB cable with aviation connector

      You supply

      • Momo Mod 27 OR Sportsline 300mm


      Prices shown in CDN Dollars

      Delivery Note

      There is a 21 day lead time on button plates because each one is edited for CTS encoders, POV/hat switch, Knitter buttons or NKK button or economy buttons.