Race Wheel - Style W6 - Build Kit - Work in progress...

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  • $400


This is NOT a licensed wheel design, it's our interpretation of an authentic racing wheel.

We Supply

  • Aluminium wheel plate 52mm & 70mm hole pattern (OSW, accuforce, thrustmaster, Logitech)
  • Drawings

What's included in the build kit

  • One aluminium frame
  • One front set of handles display mount in black nylon
  • One rear set of handles & enclosure in black nylon
  • Aluminium standoffs are used to connect the frame, front & rear plate.
  • Stainless steel cap head bolts

You supply

  • Sim Race Display (http://www.simdisplay.net/)
  • NKK Buttons
  • CTS Rotary Encoders
  • Paddle mechanism
  • Rotary Encoder knobs
  • Hardware
  • 3D printed handles using the supplied STL files

Prices shown in CDN Dollars