Direct Drive - Safety Dash - DIY Kit

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I recently purchased a Fanatec Podium DD1 and was shocked to see the Fanatec pricing of e-stop & motor start button. This caused me to start searching for a wiring diagram. With very special thanks, I found an excellent DIY video by CNCKART with a wiring diagram and parts list.

So I have decided to create my own enclosure with OSR style, real carbon fibre plates and OSR will offer this as a DIY kit or ready to race version soon.

DIY version, we supply

  • 1 Front carbon fibre plate
  • 1 Rear carbon fibre plate pre-drilled 8mm (5/16")
  • 1 Enclosure with RJ12 6p6c Connector With Pre wired leads

You supply parts list

Ready to race version

Price on request because we are still sourcing our components.

Wiring diagram

Created by CNCKART on youtube

A very special thank you goes to CNCKART for sharing his knowledge and expertise.