Adjustable Seat Support Plates - Poang - 15, 25 & 40 Series

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Many sim racers who are new to the sport look at inexpensive seating options, car seats from autobreakers is a great option OR the Ikea Poang chair which is available world wide. The Poang chair is easy to assemble and comfortable and comes in cloth & leather.

These plates are designed to bolt to the lower Ikea Poang chair mounting points. You need a support frame which can be made from 8020 aluminium extrusion OR wood, we provide the drawings.

Custom lettering or logo on request for a surcharge typically around $10.

We supply

  • A set of 2, seat support plates
  • Drawings & parts list for 8020 aluminium extrusion

You supply

  • Ikea - Poang Chair
  • 8020 Extrusion
  • 8020 L brackets
  • Bolts & T-Nuts

Materials Available

  • Laser cut 2mm Mild Steel, unfinished ready for painting
  • Laser cut 2mm Mild Steel, with powder coated finish