Race Wheel - Style 16 - 300mm

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This is NOT a licensed wheel design, it's our interpretation of an authentic racing wheel.

We Supply fully assembled ready to race wheel

  • 3.25mm Powder Coated Aluminum Wheel Frame
  • 3mm Real Carbon Fiber Rear Plate
  • Rear Enclosure
    • Black Carbon Composite - Textured
  • Handles/Grips
    • Suede Wrapped 
  • 10x High quality metal anodized buttons 
  • 3x Rotary encoder
  • Custom knobs Available on request 
  • Evo 5 Paddle shifters
  • USB Circuit

    We quote on request custom parts

    • Wheel Decal
    • Button Labels
    • Extension shaft

        Lead time

        This is a custom product, so lead time can Vary