Display- HDMI 5" LCD Enclosure

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Many sim racers want to see additional information while racing, so they buy inexpensive HDMI or USB screens, so we developed a wide range of mounting solutions for the common LCD screens. The price shown does NOT include the LCD screen...

We Supply

  • Front and rear back plate with mounting hole for 5" Raspberry Pi Display
    • Wheel base mounting plates available for - OSW, Bodnar, Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Accuforce 
    • Stainless Steel Bolts
  • We custom cut these to your requirements, so the production lead time is typically 14days, unless we have your version in stock.

You supply

Here's a video of it in action on YouTube using iRacing

5" Displays types
There are many sellers who offer this type of display but there are only two we support. Other display mounts can be made IF you can provide accurate dimensions.
5" Type A display with ports at the bottom, mounting holes are on the rear.
5" Type B with ports on the side mounting holes top & bottom edge.
We can send you drawings before purchase if you have questions.
The ideal height often depends on your seating position & wheel size, so we offer a custom design service to match your needs. For example we have 3 height version for Thrustmaster. For extra high versions an extra material charge will be quoted after the order and you have been sent drawings for review.