OSR EVO DIY - Magnetic Shifter - DIY parts kits

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From a design perspective these are very similar to the Porsche cup shifters, but use a standard momentary button for electrical contact.

Designed for the sim racer who enjoys DIY projects & saving money. 

NOTE, customer assembly is required, this product is NOT ready to bolt to your wheel assembly!!! If you want ready to race hardware we sell  EVO 4 & EVO 5 shifters with paddles.

Purchase choices

Only ready to assemble kit OR 3D body & arm files OR 3D printer files

DIY ready to assemble shifter body & arm kit
  • Two shifter body plastic composite
  • Two shifter arm plastic composite
  • Two 12mm round momentary buttons
  • Six 12mm magnets
  • Two 30mm long M4 bolts
  • Four M3 sleeved nuts, used for shifter base
  • Four M4 sleeved nuts, used for arm pivot
  • Two Stainless Steel M4 pivot bolts used for pivot
  • Four M3 *12mm mounting bolts
You Supply
  • Thread lock for pivot bolts
  • Wiring
  • Shifter paddles, available from the OSR store
    Body & Arm Kit, we supply
    • Two shifter bodies made from a plastic composite
    • Two shifter arm's made from a plastic composite
    • Four M3 threaded inserts
    • Four M4 threaded inserts
    • You supply
      • 12mm Magnets
      • All nuts & bolts
      • Wiring
      • 12mm momentary buttons
      • Paddles
      • Thread lock for pivot bolts
      Only 3D Printer files
      • We supply ONLY the stl files and a license to 3D print ONE set of shifter bodies & one set of arms. STL files are copyright of OSR
      • You supply
        • M3 & M4 rivet nuts
        • 12mm Magnets
        • All nuts & bolts
        • Wiring
        • 12mm momentary buttons
        • Paddles
        • Thread lock for pivot bolts

        Customer Assembly Required

        1. Add a touch of glue and push the magnets into position, in the body & arms
        2. Place 12mm buttons into body and tighten nut
        3. Slide arms into body
        4. Place M4 sleeved nut through the pivot arm holes and insert the pivot arms into the shifter bodies
        5. Add a "touch" of thread lock (LockTire) onto the M4 bolts and screw into the pivot point on both sides. Tighten just enough to prevent binding, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!!!
        6. If the arm does not move freely back of the bolt BEFORE the thread lock sets.
        7. Solder wires onto buttons

        Fully assembled ready to race version on request....