Aiologs - Sequential Shifter

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  • $225

From time to time we find products we can highly recommend and want to help other builders.

Dmitry is from Russia and builds a great handbrake & shifter at a reasonable price.

We suggest you look at his web site and order directly from Dmitry, OSR is hoping to stock these in the future.

 Steve's OSR personal opinions

  • Made from 4mm stainless steel with solid build quality
  • Solid construction with real bearings & no flex
  • Nice aluminium grip handle
  • Nice progressive feel
  • Desk mount or mounting plate
  • Plug & play USB device

    • USB HID Joystick 12-Bit (Windows 10/8/7/vista/xp) 

  • Tested with Project Cars 2, iRacing & Dirt 2
  • RGB LED with colour control
  • Fast shipping