8020 - F1 & GT3 - Ready to race - 10 or 25 Series

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Ultimate flexibility

This rig is ideal for anyone who ultimate rig flexibility, allowing you to find the ideal racing position for GT3 or F1.

  • Pedal front height adjustment
  • Pedal rear height adjustment
  • Pedal angle adjustment
  • Pedal back/forth adjust
  • Wheel height adjustment
  • Wheel back/forth adjustment
  • Wheel angle adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat angle adjustment
  • Seat back/forth adjustment
  • Monitor height adjustment
  • Monitor angle adjustment

We Supply

Rig plans, parts list, cutting list, all the custom plates & 8020.

  • Two seat mounting plates (stainless steel)
  • Four Adjustable monitor plates  (stainless steel)
  • Eight pedal pivot plates (stainless steel)
  • Three vesa plates  (stainless steel)
  • One support top rail  (stainless steel)
  • OSW front & rear plates (1/4" aluminium)
  • Four OSW support plates (1/8" aluminium)
  • Four OSW angle adjustment plate (1/8" aluminium)
  • Pedal mounting plate (stainless steel)
  • Two Cam Clamps
  • All 8020 aluminium cut to length
  • All 8020 hardware

You Supply

Race seat, pedals & small OSW wheel.

Note shipping cost  is not included in the price shown

This will be calculated when we know your address. The aluminium extrusion will be shipped direct from USA  & the custom plate set shipped from Canada

Optional Additions in the Custom Hardware Store

  • Shifter mount (Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, DSD Pro)
  • Tactile Mounting Plates (Clark or Buttkicker)
  • Speaker Mounting Plates

Legal Stuff...

The plans are copyrighted and licensed for personal use only. The completed or partially completed sim rigs chassis is not permitted to be sold, resold, distributed, mass produced or used in any commercial fashion. The plans may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner.