Super Sport Evolution - Integrated Monitor - Custom Plate Kit - 25 Series

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  • Super Sport Evolution  - Integrated Monitor Plans (Digital Plans)
    • 25 Series Aluminum Extrusion Cut List
    • Assembly Drawings
    • 80/20 Inc. Standard Hardware Part List

Custom Hardware Laser Cut in 4B Stainless Steel

  • 49 Custom 8020 Joining Plates
  • 3 Vesa Monitor Mounts 
  • 4 Adjustable Monitor Mounts
  • 2 Adjustable Seat Plates

Optional OSR Accessories

  • Wheel Mounting Plate
  • Pedal Mounting Plate
  • Shifter Mounting Plates
  • Tactile Mounting Plates (Clark or Buttkicker)
  • Speaker Mounting Plates

You Supply

  • Aluminum Extrusion 25 Series (25x25mm, 25x50mm, 50x50mm)
  • 8020 Inc. Standard Hardware (M6 Socket Head 10mm Bolts, Pivot Mounts, M6 TNuts)
  • Tools
  • Seat
  • Wheel /  Pedals

Prices shown in CDN Dollars

Legal Stuff...

The plans are copyrighted and licensed for personal use only. The completed or partially completed sim rigs chassis is not permitted to be sold, resold, distributed, mass produced or used in any commercial fashion. The plans may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner.