Electronics - BBI-32 Button USB Circuit

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A low profile version of the regular Leo Bodnar BBI-32. Exactly the same features but without the push in terminals or USB connector allowing you to solder your own USB connection to the labelled solder tabs. At under 3mm thickness and the exact dimensions of a standard credit card, there are great possibilities for mounting into tight spaces at a reduced cost.

This is a universal USB joystick interface board with solder tabs to connect buttons, rotary encoders and switches to a PC, Mac or Linux computer.

Build your own gaming device, whether it be a flight panel, button box, joystick, robot controls and more......the list is limited by your imagination.

Also suitable for converting gameport devices or connecting real life controls to turn them into a USB device suitable to be used by almost any simulation or game software without the need of installing any drivers.

Exactly the size of a standard credit card, and without the connectors will happily fit in your wallet (should you ever need it to!)

Connection to PC

The PCB has a standard USB B type connector (not supplied) for connection to PC or Mac. No drivers are required. Plug it in and use straight away.

Proudly designed and made in the UK by Leo Bonar.

We Supply

  • One BBI-32 Button Circuit
  • One 70mm Circuit mount 6mm deep