Electronics - Pro-Race 2 - Sold by SymProjects

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Highly recommended by OpenSimRacing

Developed and sold by Sym-Projects

The main characteristics of the new Pro-Race display are:

  • Gear indicator at the center of the display
  • Two 6-digits displays that can be used for lap times (current, best and last lap time), RPM, speed, water/oil temperature and pressure. and more…
  • 15 shift light LEDs.
  • 6 more LEDs to use as warning indicators (flags, traction control, speed limiter, etc…)
  • 16 inputs on the back of the display. Each input can accept a push button, a toggle switch or a rotary switch.
  • Each input has its own dedicated  pin pair, making connection much easier compare to the previous version of the Pro-Race.
  • The Pro-Race is detected by Windows as a Game Controller. This means the connected push buttons, toggle switches and rotary encoders can be used to control the simulator, like with any other game controller.

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