Electronics - OSR Micro Circuit - With Wheel Mount

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If you ware looking for a really small simple circuit for your project that fits inside a 50mm or 70mm Pattern, we have developed a solution!

Wiring is really simple even for the complete novice. Full supports rotary encoders, momentary toggles, momentary buttons, pulse switches,  and funky hat switch (Fanatec).

OSR Micro Button Controller

  • 26 Unique Inputs offered
  • 2 ground pins
  • Two 3.3 or 5 volts pad
  • USB Micro socket

Supported Inputs

  • Momentary buttons
  • Momentary toggle switches
  • Rotary encoders (CTS 288)
  • Hat Switch (Funky switch used by Fanatec)

Ease of use

  • No Complex Matrix wiring required!
  • Connect push buttons, rotary encoders, rotary switches or toggles without any hassle!  Every button and switch has an input terminal
  • Soldered pin headers optional
  • Circuit mounting plate included 50mm or 70mm bolt pattern
  • Aux ground required for DD use.