Requesting a button plate quote

Designing a button plate process
Requesting a quote for the button box requires, some homework before we can provide an accurate quote.
Step 1
Choose a wheel rim style & size.
  • Open Wheel typically size is 270mm > 300mm (Note bolt pattern is often 50mm due to size, 70mm is large for this small wheel)
  • GT3 Wheel rim typical size 320>330mm
  • Rally 330mm > 350mm
Step 2
As a sim racer you should have an idea how many buttons you would like to use in your sim of choice. Choose the type of buttons, switches, rotary encoder & hat switch
Step 3
Look at the OSR DIY button place styles for inspiration
If you don't see a style you like, sketch an idea on paper, we are happy to create something unique.
Step 4
OSR offer 3 styles of paddle shifter mechanism.
  • EVO 2 - Carbon Fibre
  • EVO 4 - Billet Aluminium
  • EVO 5 - Carbon Fibre with bearings
Step 6
OSR offers a wide range of paddle styles.
Step 7
USB connection type
  • 12 mm aviation connector on the enclosure, standard USB male on the CPU end
  • USB Type B D connector (We don't recommend this solution because the end can come out during racing)
  • Bluetooth wireless
Step 8
Choose enclosure type
  • Carbon fibre 3mm front & rear plates with a plastic composite center enclosure with aluminium sleeves.
  • Billet aluminium enclosures on request.
Step 7
At this point a quote can be given and a 50% cutting deposit will be requested
Step 8
Production time for a typical DIY button plate kit is 21 days.